Coming June, 2013

How To Stay Best Friends Forever

Respecting each customer’s unique needs is one of the secrets to success in business.  Likewise, at home we need to show that same respect to our partners by valuing their interests, their ideas, and talents and appreciating their fears, points of view and styles. We draw on this empathetic skill to support their desires, vanquish their fears and honor their judgments.  When we respect and nurture these qualities in our partners, we are proving to them that we appreciate and care for them as friends—or in the spirit of The Customer Metaphor—as customers we appreciate. 

This book shows how being a best friend  depends on three A’s: 

1) Alignment of each other’s goals, interests and values

2) Acceptance of each one’s personality, intelligence and style 

3) Appreciation by way of affection, honor, respect and love.




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