Publication date is Summer 2015

Five Star Love



We all know what it means to rate a product or service five stars.  This new book shows you what you need to make your relationship be the best it can be.  What is so special about this approach? It's called "The Customer Metaphor." We will get to that, but first consider this universal problem that we all experience when it comes to love.

• THE PROBLEM:  Did you know that are programmed by nature to fall out of love?

Studies of brain chemistry confirm that when you fall in love, your mind and body is flooded with hormones and neurotransmitters that give you an "infatuation high."  This is nature's way of motivating you to bond, to insure our species survival.  But this chemical jolt fades naturally away in nine to twelve months--at the very time you have to face the routine of everyday responsibilities in marriage.  And those challenges, along with fading infatuation, give rise to the fear that you are falling out of love.

• THE ANSWER: What can you do about it?

Falling in love is a magical feeling, a powerful reward that promotes your best behavior, but you aren't programmed by nature to make the transition from "falling in love" to "living in love."  That is something you need to learn how to do on our own.  Inside this book we reveal The Five "MasterMind Skills" You Need to make that transition from feelings of infatuation to the life-long joy of Five Star Love.

• Our Five Star Love, MasterMind Skills are:

1) Friendship

2) Communication

3) Fairness

4) Sex & Romance

5) Personal Growth

• WHAT IS DIFFERENT: The Customer Metaphor

What makes Five Star Love different is the unique new way we show you how to master these skills by understanding and satisfying your partner's needs as if they were a customer.  Your partner deserves the best treatment you can deliver. The surest way you can assure that is by adopting behaviors that satisfy their needs and please them as if you were a business and they were your ideal customer. Never been in business?  That doesn't matter.

This book uses tried and true concepts and techniques from the most current relationship research and marketing psychology to help you understand your partner's values and desires so you aren't stumbling around in the dark asking yourself the question, "What does he or she want from me?"

Every business owner dreams of earning a “customer for life.” That’s also what you dream of when you fall in love---a partner for life.  And just as every merchant or entrepreneur knows, you must give customers what they want or they will get it from a competitor.  

Five Star Love shows you simple straightforward ways to understand your partner's needs and help them understand yours.

You don't need to convince your partner to read this book to get them to satisfy your needs.  The secret is to give them what they need, show that reciprocation, Give = Get, works in love just as it does in business.

This is not a hard to read psychology textbook.  It is a practical guide for how to stay in love for life.

If you want one book that will help you understand what lifelong love is about, read this one first. 

Five Star Love was written by Dennis & Mary Lou Green, an entrepreneural couple who have worked together for37 years and been married for 35 years. They know what they are talking about.  They live in love, everyday.

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