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How To Understand Each Other

Listening comes easily when we care about what someone has to say.  Book 4 is about the many communication barriers that keep us from understanding each other.  We also explore the dangers of digital technologies and how they degrade communication.  In the truest sense, we don’t actually communicate through our tools; we simply transmit information.

We have an abundance of devices to send and receive information, yet ironically, the art of communicating is often lost in sound bytes, texting and tweeting. Our technology helps us coordinate schedules and market products, but it doesn’t help us share what is needed to deeply understand each other.  The more devices we use, the more we extend our reach, the less we know each other. 

Communication is about sharing, uniting, connecting face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart.  How we think and feel and smell and touch each other is necessary for true communication. That is when we can truly hear what our spouses have to say.  This book reveals how to cut through the clutter of daily distractions and communicate with our spouses in ways that demonstrate that we care about them and their needs. 

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