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How To Romance You Partner

Romance is honed to perfection during our early dating years, yet mysteriously loses its edge not long after.  During courtship, romance is what stimulates us to do all sorts of outlandish things to prove our love.  Romance stimulates and inspires us to fulfill each other’s needs for love and affection.  It keeps passion alive by reminding us of the feelings that we had when we first fell for each other.  But romance, is about “caring,” regardless of how we express it.  

Book 8 shows how to express romance in a way that fits our partner’s needs.  It also reveals the difference between what some spouses think is romantic.  In this book we also stress that a customer’s needs are not linked to his or her gender.   Customers may share common needs, but the key to romancing the customer is to know them intimately. 

The word romance makes us think about what a man does for a woman, but how a woman romances a man is her greatest aphrodisiac.  Men are just as hungry to be cared for as women, and this book shows how both partners can get their romantic needs fulfilled.

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