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How To Share Time That Counts

Salespeople go to great lengths to find ways to “engage” the customer.  They may schedule lunch to discuss a contract, or send a thank you note for taking time to meet, or even leave something behind in a customer’s office just so they have a reason to call or come back. Effective salespeople are creative in seeking tactics to keep them uppermost in the customer’s mind.

Engagement, in our personal relationships, is that period of time before the marriage when we are testing and forming our relationship.  We are selling each other on the prospect of living together for life.  But “engagement” shouldn’t end at the altar.  An effective salesperson knows that engaging the customer after the sale is vital.   Every customer engagement is a chance to demonstrate care. 

Engaging, making time for our spouse, is also a process that keeps marriage fresh and exciting.  Each time we engage each other with loving words, by touch, with gifts and surprise adventures, we show our partners that we value them and want to be with them.  Time is one of our most precious resources.  Showing our spouse that we want to share our time with them is proof of our love.  Book 9 shows the value of time and how to conserve and spend it on each other.

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