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Few of us may imagine ourselves as a “brand.”   Psychologists might call it our “persona,” or public face. Whether we have consciously shaped our brand to reflect our inner selves, or have never thought about it, we all have a package with a list of ingredients.  How we express them is up to us. The question is, “What do we want our personal brand to be?”

We can use this idealized image to guide the choices we make for ourselves.  Caring for ourselves builds self-esteem and strengthens our mental and physical powers, so that we can make ourselves attractive to our partners.  Book 10 introduces the “Kaizen” of Body, Mind & Spirit to show how the business concept of “continuous improvement” can guide us to care for ourselves and become irresistible to our partners. 

Great companies care about what they have to offer their customers, including maintaining the quality of their brands.  Our marriage vows are like our personal warranties that require regular maintenance to deliver on the promises we made.  That means doing what is necessary to keep our minds and bodies healthy for ourselves and our partners.  

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