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Coming March 2015

Playing God

Playing God is a collection of 20 short stories that will entertain and inspire you to unleash your imagination and change your life.

Each story is presented as an interview with someone who discovered that Playing God allowed them to step outside their mental or social box and change their perspective to see their lives in a different way. 

Playing God is both entertaining and life-affirming. Its creative, thought-provoking point of view will open your mind to think more creatively about your self-imposed limitations.

The complete book Includes 20 short stories!
Each story is about a memorable character who tells how

they would change their lives if they could play God.

•  An atheist lawyer would write a campaign speech for God  
•  A football coach’s wife would show how to outsmart the devil   
•  A hedge fund manager would redesign our bodies  
•  A teenage baseball player would use a ball to save his parents
•  A nun would offer a new way to feed the poor  
•  A builder would use a novel method for promoting Heaven  
•  An educator would call on Hollywood to revolutionize teaching  
•  Plus thirteen more amazing stories from unique characters.

These stories are heart-warming, provocative,inspiring and satisfying, 
and thoroughly entertaining from the first page to the last.



Book 3_How to Reciprocate Love

Publication date is Summer 2015

Book 4_How To Help Each Other Communcate and Get the Marriage of Your Dreams

Release Date to Be Announced

Book 5_How to Create a Fair Partnership in Marriage.

Release Date to Be Announced


The Marriage Story - Available Now on!

The Marriage Story - Available now at!

The Marriage Story - A timeless tale about staying in love for life

Hardback version

Most books about marriage tell us how to love each other.  The Marriage Story inspires us to want to love each other. This is a love story that will both challenge you, and warm your heart, as it takes you on a journey you will never forget. 

• This timeless message makes The Marriage Story a treasured gift.

• For you about to be married, this shines a light on the road ahead with all of its promises and potholes.

• For you juggling careers and family, this is a reminder of how easily love can slip away if we don't continue to care for each other.

• For you in a mature marriage, this is a celebration of a life well lived, and the inspiration to recapture the passion that brought you together.  

This moving story confirms that no matter what material things we may gain, nothing will ever satisfy us like the joy of loving and being loved.

Buy it now at ($17.95)...

The Marriage Story Audio CD

This inspiring story is narrated by the author entirely in verse, in an easy rhythmic style enhanced by composer Sebastian Schell's touching musical score.

Listen to the audio preview to get a feel for this Timeless Tale About Staying In Love For Life.  After listening to the preview, sign in and you will be taken to another page where you can listen to the rest of the story.

The Marriage Story is the first of 5 more companion books that all work together.  The Marriage Story is the "inspiration" to help us appreciate our partners.  The companion books are all part of our "Five Star Love" series. 

Buy The Marriage Story Audio book now at ($10.95).

Five Star Love will be published in March 2014

Five Star Love book series represents "how" to stay in love.  It reveals the 5 MasterMind skills that you must know to move your relationship beyond emotion and into positive action.